Nicole Watches TV: The X-Files


In a world before Tumblr—what a scary thought—fandoms still found their way onto the internet. As a fan of popular culture in 2015, it’s hard to ignore the term “shipping.” In case you’ve been living under a rock, the act of shipping means you believe that two fictional characters are dating or should be dating. Modern day examples include Oliver and Felicity (Arrow), Castiel and Dean (Supernatural), Colton Haynes and Me (Life). Sadly, I wasn’t old enough to experience the early stages of internet fandom, but I can appreciate it none the less.

In 1993, The X-Files premiered on FOX.  As most of you are well aware, the show became hit and brought legions of fans along for the ride; not to mention it’s often cited for the creation of shipping. Yes, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were the original OTP. (At least in the internet age, people have been shipping Kirk and Spock, minus the name, for decades).

I’ve been hopped up on comedy lately—ILY Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt—so I figured it was best to try something new. I just watched Twin Peaks, so TXF seemed like a good follow-up. Both shows include music that will forever haunt my nightmares. Not to mention, both Twin Peaks and The X-Files will be returning to television in 2016.

At this point, I’m 5 episodes in and I’ve made some keen observations that deserve some further exploration.

Dana Scully is the original Temperance Breenan

I felt the gears in my head shifting into to place when I realized that both The X-Files and Bones were aired on the same network. The scientist who will only believe in the facts, working with a man who goes with his gut—both not afraid to wear a great pantsuit. Brennan has always been a favorite of mine—so Scully has just shot to the top of my list. She’s a woman after my own heart; she cares about her job and is not afraid to tell someone when they’re wrong. It bears mentioning that this show came out in 1993, and it’s pretty amazing that she was such a strong character.

Mulder is a babe—and possibly one of my favorite male leads

Fox Mulder has everything I love about male characters in TV now-a-days; I now realize it’s because he was most likely an influence to the writers of shows I like. The 90s were a beautiful time for men’s hair and men with glasses—except mullets, never mullets. His physical characteristics were clearly A+, but thus far I’m so intrigued by his backstory and devotion to his work. As Scully so gracefully put it, “he’s too obsessed with his job.” I’d argue that’s what makes him such an intriguing character.

Despite its early 90s run, the supernatural aspects aren’t COMPLETELY ridiculous

I think the reason the show has been so attractive to me is despite its 90s era quality, the special effects/extraterrestrial nature, I don’t find myself saying, “Are you serious?” There TV shows that are currently on-air where I question them more; I’m look at you Supernatural—sorry.  Needless to say, I love the extra layer of this show.

I’ll continue to watch season 1 and see where it goes. Stay tuned for my updates on my journey through this wonderful example of television.

*Editor’s note: I finished two episodes while writing this so I guess I’m on episode 7 now.


Business Professional

Business Professional

H M tie shirt
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The Degree In A “Dying Art”

The Degree In A “Dying Art”

“What’s your major?” “Journalism!” “Oh…”

That small and awkward exchange has defined the last three years of my life. When I was a senior in high school, it was with fellow classmates who deemed my major as inadequate in comparison to their own.  Now, a junior in college, it’s with family members and even professors.

“Journalism’s a dying field, you know.”

At this point I’ve heard the phrase more often than not. Suddenly, everyone is a career expert. Suddenly, everyone is some elitist. Last time I checked, no career path guarantees a job after graduation–so please stop and think before you start talking to me about my career choice.

“Why are you studying journalism when people blog for free?”

The biggest misconception about internet journalism is the sad reality that most people believe anything they read. As a blogger, no one is there to fact check every sentence you write, it’s all up to you. I have a blog that I use for recreational writing. I don’t fact check nearly as much as I should. I can’t speak for fellow bloggers, but I assume most don’t spend as much time as they should. It’s not our jobs. News sources have interns and other people dedicated to fact checking. Blogging is different than what I’m going to school for; I wish people would understand.

“Good luck paying those student loans on a reporter’s salary.”

Yes, I’m aware that my salary will not be comparable with a doctor. No, I don’t think you need to remind me of that every time my major comes into play. I wish I could say that my classmates are the only ones to say that, but some of my professors have made “jokes” about how little money I’ll make. I could be the next Brian Williams! (I’m not). But seriously, you don’t know what my salary will be. Worry about your own.

“Newspapers are shutting down. It’s stupid to pursue print journalism.”

This phrase may be my least favorite–and as you can see I’ve heard plenty. There are so many things wrong with this one. The first–I truly have no real intention to ever work for a newspaper. I want to work for a magazine–don’t even try to tell me it’s worse than a newspaper. I know you all still freak out over your favorite issue of Vogue or Rolling Stone. Second, newspapers have websites, which have writers, which means I still have a job. *Eye roll*

The moral of the story is pretty simple. You think journalism is stupid. You think all my internship experience won’t matter. You are certain, “I’m not going to find a job.” I know what I want, and I’m going to make it happen. So really, I don’t care what you think.

Hit or Miss: VMA Edition

Award shows are basically my happy place. There’s nothing better than a bunch of awesome people under one roof interacting with one another. The VMAs are known for having “OMG” worthy moments. This year Miley Cyrus was fully clothed, Nicki Minaj sang with a broken dress, and Beyonce was flawless. This year red carpet was a little lack luster for my tastes but I still enjoyed it none the less.



I’m No Longer A Teenager But Still Kind Of A Teenybopper


Between my heart-shaped sunglasses, bubblegum pink lipstick, and recent affliction to an Australian boy band; it’s difficult to decipher if I turned 20 or 12 today. All jokes aside, today’s the day I finally leave my teenage years behind me and charge headfirst into adulthood–well, sort of.

When I was in middle school and in the beginning of high school, I prided myself on having better music taste than most of my friends. (Sorry guys). As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to appreciate all kinds of music because I love music. I stopped worrying about liking a band longer than someone else and just listened to whatever the hell I wanted to. I’ll be the first one to admit that 13-year-old me was pretty annoying when it came to music. However, 20-year-old still doesn’t have it all together.

Since my middle school years were filled with All Time Low (LOL my years are still filled with ATL), Fall Out Boy (Them too), Boys Like Girls, Panic!, and so many other “alternative” bands, I never really got to experience that full teenybopper lifestyle. Lucky for me, I’m starting to experience it now–at 20. My mother made a joking comment saying, “You didn’t like boy bands when you were in middle school.” Which is a lie, I loved the Jonas Brothers, I just hid it away so it wouldn’t ruin my pop punk cred.

So here I am: obsessed with bands like 5 Seconds of Summer, listening to girl groups sing about girl power, and trying to make heart-shaped sunglasses chic. However, I’m not the least bit embarrassed about my musical tastes or outlandish fashion choices.

My roommate, who also happens to be one of my best friends (Hi Liz), is kind of like my teenybopper spirit guide. We met in college when we both transferred and hit it off because we both grew up liking the same music. She was super into Fall Out Boy, Andrew McMahon, and All Time Low. It was an actual match made in friendship heaven. At the very beginning of our friendship she threw me the biggest curve ball. She’s the BIGGEST One Direction fan.

She used to feel like she had to hide the fact she loved 1D. However, one day she just decided she was going to tell the world. She owned her boy band love, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

The term “boy band” has a negative connotation. I’m sorry but I’d like a textbook definition that proves what a boy band really is because technically speaking ANY band that is made up of all males is a boy band.

The most important lesson here though; WHO CARES WHAT KIND OF MUSIC YOU LIKE. There are different types of music because different people enjoy different things. The keyword here is DIFFERENT. Don’t hate on other people’s music taste, but more importantly, own up to the music you love.

I’m at a crossroads in my life where I’m highly considering a career in the music industry is the place for me. You know what the music industry appreciates? People who can recognize talent when they hear it. So honestly, iregretnothing

13-Year-Old Me and 20-Year-Old Me Agree; Nick Jonas Has Still Got It

I—much like most girls in their early 20s—had that Jonas Brothers stage. It’s safe to say the 13-year-old inside me was thrilled when the Jonas Brothers announced they were getting back together; later to have my poor heart shattered into pieces when they announced in October they were done—for real this time.

I was expecting last fall to be the last time I saw a one of the Jonas brothers in the music industry. What a happy surprise it was that the youngest Jonas, Nick, decided to drop a single last week. Not just a single, a seriously catchy one.

I will admit to expecting some sort of typical boy band pop before I listened to the single. Can you blame me though? When I think of Nick Jonas, I think of screaming my head off at numerous concerts, cheesy pop songs, and having JB posters on my wall.

I guess I should change that think to thought because Nick Jonas completely rewrote how I perceive him. He’s an adult. Like a real adult. When did Nick Jonas turn 21? It made me realize something. Nick Jonas is only about a year older than me; I was a fan when we were 13, and he’s somehow made me a fan almost 7 years later. How can that be?

Nick Jonas accomplished something that most transitioning teen pop singers never do. He grew up with his fans, and he allowed his music to grow with him. There was no sudden scandal or overly sexual display that screamed, “LOOK AT ME, I’M NOT A KID ANYMORE.” He just simply let it happen.

His single, “Chains,” was the last thing I expected him to release but I love it. Like, I really want to choreograph to this song, love it. The music video premiered today, and you can officially buy the single on iTunes.

I’m looking forward to hearing more new material from Nick. I have some really high hopes. I’m so glad we got through those awkward teenage years together, bud.

I’m back–#FINALLY

Hello all my lovely readers,
I apologize for this unannounced hiatus I was forced to take this summer.

Life got the best of me and I realized that trying to work 3 jobs and keep up with this blog was a little more than difficult. I’m so excited to be back writing for all of you!

Keep your eyes out for my first blog post back tonight! It may or may not involved Instagram and some of my super fashionable bloggers babes!

Much love,
(I threw in these pictures so you could see what I’ve been up to. Aka a selfie and Nordstrom.)


eBay’s #GiftsForGrads Makes Gift Buying That Much Simpler

*This is a sponsored post.


Sorry to start with nostalgia but all this talk of graduation had me thinking about when I graduated. Now that I’m in between my personal graduations, I’m in the position of buying graduation gifts. My cousins and sorority sisters have graduated and I needed the perfect gift for them.

Until HerCampus had brought it to my attention, I had never thought about using eBay as the place to get gifts for my graduates–but now that they have I am so grateful. In the #GiftsforGrads section, there are so many different options geared towards new graduates.

I made my own collections which you can find here. eBay is probably not the first place one would think to look for graduation gifts but now it seems like the perfect place. The deals are great–which I love–and there’s such a big selection. Not to mention, it’s so easy to shop.

Before I know it, I’ll be the one back in a graduation gown. Until then, I’m crossing my fingers that eBay picks me as the winner of their $500 sweepstakes. Make your own collection and enter to win $500 in the #GiftsForGrads Sweepstakes!

Little Girl, Big World is now Well Dressed + Overrated

Hello all my lovely followers,

After thinking for some time, I’ve made the decision to change the name of my blog–Little Girl, Big World is now…..Well Dressed + Overrated!

I’m so thrilled to start moving forward with this new name. I know it seems quite sudden and random but I decided to do a Q&A style write-up on why I decided to change it up.

Why change your identity now?
My blog has grown so much in the past couple of months. My followers have skyrocketed and I’ve been getting hundreds more page views a week. I felt like Little Girl, Big World was too typical. There are plenty of blogs with the name already out there and I wanted something a little more unique to my blog.

Where did the name Well Dressed + Overrated come from
The title comes from a line in The Summer Set’s song, “Girls Freak Me Out.” This song has been a favorite of mine for years and the line has always stuck with me. I thought it would be a great fit for this blog.

Will anything else be different on the blog
Honestly, no. I’m going to continue to blog about the things I do now but now I have a more unique identity doing it. It’s all about branding yourself and this is a step in that direction.

Don’t be confused when you see Well Dressed + Overrated on your dashboard or feed. Please let me know what you think of the new name!

This Half British/Half Latina Girl Group Is About To Take Over The World

This Half British/Half Latina Girl Group Is About To Take Over The World

Remember those adorable and trendy twins on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Well—they’re back! The Rosso Sisters—a half-Latina and half-British girl band—are quite possibly the most fashionable and quirky girl band to come from this generation. With the return of the girl group—see UK’s Little Mix as an example—The Rosso Sisters have found themselves emerging into a growing market.

The group of sisters, consisting of Milly, Becky, Georgina and Lola, just recently signed to Virgin Records. Milly and Becky made a name for themselves by acting in TV like The Suite Life and movies like Legally Blondes. However, the duo realized music for was them. Their stint on Disney landed them a vital connection—The Jonas Brothers. The JB’s management team—aka Mr. Jonas—liked what he saw, and it’s only gone up from there. 

Rosso Sisters
The Rosso Sisters show off their trendy outfits to their fans on Facebook. Photo via Facebook

The girls have a love for fashion along with their music. You can find the four sisters posting Instagram posts of each other in rocking the latest trends. Style-wise, they’re a mix between my idol Cher Horowitz and Bethany Mota—you know, that girl from YouTube with the best hair in the world. Fans of the girl group have been constantly refreshing their feed while they wait for their first single to drop—if you can’t constantly listen to their songs, you have to keep up with their happenings.

Luckily for Rosso Sister fans, the girls have released a preview for their first single, “Hola Hola,” which is set to drop this Saturday. To top off that already great news, it was just announced that Demi Lovato will be bringing the girls along on her Latin American leg of the tour. This is exactly what this girl group needs to break out. 

Be sure to follow these girls on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I promise you’ll be seeing these sisters everywhere—I mean, they are about to take over the world, right?