Nicole Watches TV: The X-Files “Trust No One”


“Mulder…” always followed by a side or an eye roll—Dana Scully you are the woman. Seriously though, Scully giving Mulder the “are you serious right now” tone/look makes up 43% of the show, and I love it.

When I last checked in with all of you, I was on the 7th episode of the first season. I just finished the season one finale. This is very slow watch for me—I spent Saturday watching Kimmy Schmidt (AGAIN) in its entirety because my roommate hadn’t seen it—so I guess I have a reason.

The second half of season one seemed to go by in a blur.  Eugene Tooms, apparently the original yellow-eyed bad guy—I’m side-eyeing you Supernatural—creeps me out to no end. I’m sorry Tooms, I was more than happy to watch him crashed by a moving escalator, but it is definitely worth mentioning. The episode “Roland” not only took the twin teleplay thing to a whole new level but also made me quite sad.

The season one finale actually had me saying, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Where do I even begin? Deep Throat was the bane of my existence. I do however see the irony in his last words to Scully being “Trust no one,” something I assume the show will use for seasons to come. The plot line for the episode was exactly what I needed to keep my love for this show alive.

While the show makes it clear early on that The X-Files won’t always be about the search for the extraterrestrial; “Squeeze,” the episode where Tooms first appeared, introduced the “Monster-of-Week” style it would take on. The presence of alien activity, and Scully and Mulder finally getting some proof, was the ideal way to end the season.


Things to note from the end of season one:

  • David Duchovny’s t-shirts tucked into his 90s light washed jeans are arguably one of the best things about this show
  • Scully’s character has already evolved so much since the pilot episode—ex: Apologizing to Mulder about not believing him before in the season finale
  • Mulder has become very dependent on both Scully and Deep Throat
  • The little alien Scully used to trade for getting Mulder back was actually sort of cute
  • Mulder will risk anything to “find the truth” except putting Scully in danger—he never wants to risk that
  • I’m really pissed the FBI shut down the X-Files because Scully and Mulder are the ideal team
  • We all know they’re still going to search for the truth with or without the X-Files

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