Nicole Watches TV: The X-Files


In a world before Tumblr—what a scary thought—fandoms still found their way onto the internet. As a fan of popular culture in 2015, it’s hard to ignore the term “shipping.” In case you’ve been living under a rock, the act of shipping means you believe that two fictional characters are dating or should be dating. Modern day examples include Oliver and Felicity (Arrow), Castiel and Dean (Supernatural), Colton Haynes and Me (Life). Sadly, I wasn’t old enough to experience the early stages of internet fandom, but I can appreciate it none the less.

In 1993, The X-Files premiered on FOX.  As most of you are well aware, the show became hit and brought legions of fans along for the ride; not to mention it’s often cited for the creation of shipping. Yes, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were the original OTP. (At least in the internet age, people have been shipping Kirk and Spock, minus the name, for decades).

I’ve been hopped up on comedy lately—ILY Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt—so I figured it was best to try something new. I just watched Twin Peaks, so TXF seemed like a good follow-up. Both shows include music that will forever haunt my nightmares. Not to mention, both Twin Peaks and The X-Files will be returning to television in 2016.

At this point, I’m 5 episodes in and I’ve made some keen observations that deserve some further exploration.

Dana Scully is the original Temperance Breenan

I felt the gears in my head shifting into to place when I realized that both The X-Files and Bones were aired on the same network. The scientist who will only believe in the facts, working with a man who goes with his gut—both not afraid to wear a great pantsuit. Brennan has always been a favorite of mine—so Scully has just shot to the top of my list. She’s a woman after my own heart; she cares about her job and is not afraid to tell someone when they’re wrong. It bears mentioning that this show came out in 1993, and it’s pretty amazing that she was such a strong character.

Mulder is a babe—and possibly one of my favorite male leads

Fox Mulder has everything I love about male characters in TV now-a-days; I now realize it’s because he was most likely an influence to the writers of shows I like. The 90s were a beautiful time for men’s hair and men with glasses—except mullets, never mullets. His physical characteristics were clearly A+, but thus far I’m so intrigued by his backstory and devotion to his work. As Scully so gracefully put it, “he’s too obsessed with his job.” I’d argue that’s what makes him such an intriguing character.

Despite its early 90s run, the supernatural aspects aren’t COMPLETELY ridiculous

I think the reason the show has been so attractive to me is despite its 90s era quality, the special effects/extraterrestrial nature, I don’t find myself saying, “Are you serious?” There TV shows that are currently on-air where I question them more; I’m look at you Supernatural—sorry.  Needless to say, I love the extra layer of this show.

I’ll continue to watch season 1 and see where it goes. Stay tuned for my updates on my journey through this wonderful example of television.

*Editor’s note: I finished two episodes while writing this so I guess I’m on episode 7 now.


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