4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Internship

Despite the spring semester just starting a few weeks ago, the time to search for summer internships is happening right now. Most companies begin looking for summer interns at the beginning of the New Year.

Companies typically offer full-time or paid internships during the summer because students aren’t in school. Whether you’re ready to pack it up and move across the country, or you’re looking for an internship with a local company—you should try these resources.

Try an internship matching website

Internships.com is my go-to internship tool. There are so many awesome options on it. Upload your resume on the site, and you can apply to many internships directly. There are options to sort through paid and unpaid internships, as well as the option to look for virtual internships.

Another great website is Intern Match. It’s pretty similar to Internships.com, there are just some bigger name listings on Intern Match. It also allows you choice listings for both paid and unpaid.

Intern Queen is another great resource. I had the opportunity to work with the Campus Programs Director, Shayna, and the CEO, Lauren, on a campaign I did last semester. The team at Intern Queen is so helpful. Unlike the other two sites, they also feature campus rep positions. These rep positions often allow students to work with well-known and popular brands—an alternative to the typical internship.

Visit your school’s career center

My work-study job last year was actually in the career center. Unfortunately I was way too swamped to go back last semester, but I recommend a visit for all you Suffolk students. For everyone else, visit your school’s website or student center to get in contact with your school’s career center. Many schools have internship advisers whose job is to make sure you find the perfect internship. It’s a free service, and the advisers probably have a network of people they can connect you to.

Be open to the idea of a virtual internship

Last summer I had a “digital” internship, meaning my supervisor would give me work throughout the week and I would complete it online. These internships are definitely geared towards the career paths where computer technology is heavy but if that’s up your alley give these a try. Doing a virtual internship allows you to work any time and with companies around the country. If you’re focused and good with time management, a virtual internship is great if you already have a job for the summer. Internships.com has a large amount of virtual internships listed.

Go to a networking event

Since I’ve moved to DC, I’ve been told roughly 50,000 times that networking is the most important thing I can do in college. If you find yourself with free time, look up professional groups on LinkedIn or in Google. Chances are, there’s a society or professional group for exactly what you’re interested in. These events allow you to meet people working the job you want. Chances are that company needs an intern. Knowing someone makes getting an internship with a company a million times easier.

Make sure to start applying ASAP. Wishing you all the best of luck with the application process. Stay tuned for some more internship tips coming your way weekly!


3 thoughts on “4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Internship

  1. Virtual internships are awesome! Last summer I had my first online internship and it went great. I loved not having to commute. I actually found it through internships.com. It’s such a great resource. Nice post!

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