The 15 Days of Beauty: The Best Red Lips This Holiday

15 Days of Beauty

The holiday season is in full swing. Between holiday parties and reuniting with people you haven’t seen in a while—it’s the time to look your best. It’s time to treat yourself after long semester and invest in some new beauty products this month.

The best way to create an easy put together holiday look—red lips. These four lip colors are my go-to choices this Christmas.

Underage Red (Kat Von D—Studded Kiss Lipstick)

I’ve been obsessing over this color for the past month. This is a perfect red for those of you who stick to the classic look. It’s number one on my Christmas list.

True Red (Smashbox—Be Legendary Lipstick)

My roommate gave me this color last month and I’ve been wearing it nonstop. I like to call it my “show red” because it looks amazing on stage. It’s my top pick for the perfect holiday lip—all colors included.

Striking (Revlon—ColorBurst Matte Balm)

If you’re not in the mood to spend $20 on a lip color, this is the one for you. I own many of the ColorBurst Matte Balms and I could go on all day about how great they are. They’re easy, cheap, and they last. Also, they’re perfect because the chapped lips season has arrived.

Strange Journey (MAC—Rocky Horror Picture Show Limited Edition Line)

It was almost mean of me to add this one to the list. It’s sold out at basically every store, however, it’s amazing. If you’re willing to spend some money, snag this on eBay—no, seriously, buy it on eBay. The special edition MAC lipsticks usually sell out the first week, sometimes the first day—there’s a reason for that.

Best of luck with your holiday lip looks. Tweet me some of your looks at @nicolefelldown.


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