Hit or Miss: VMA Edition

Award shows are basically my happy place. There’s nothing better than a bunch of awesome people under one roof interacting with one another. The VMAs are known for having “OMG” worthy moments. This year Miley Cyrus was fully clothed, Nicki Minaj sang with a broken dress, and Beyonce was flawless. This year red carpet was a little lack luster for my tastes but I still enjoyed it none the less.




One thought on “Hit or Miss: VMA Edition

  1. I LOVED Kendall’s and Demi’s looks, as well. Both classic shapes with a sexy twist. Iggy surprised me a lot, too! Her curves in that dress…I was soooo envious! She looked great, and her outfit was quite possibly my favorite of the night.

    As for the misses, I’m over the thigh-high boots on Arianna, as well. It just doesn’t match the rest of her image. And Taylor Swift’s get-up was just confusing.

    Thanks for compiling all the looks together!

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