13-Year-Old Me and 20-Year-Old Me Agree; Nick Jonas Has Still Got It

I—much like most girls in their early 20s—had that Jonas Brothers stage. It’s safe to say the 13-year-old inside me was thrilled when the Jonas Brothers announced they were getting back together; later to have my poor heart shattered into pieces when they announced in October they were done—for real this time.

I was expecting last fall to be the last time I saw a one of the Jonas brothers in the music industry. What a happy surprise it was that the youngest Jonas, Nick, decided to drop a single last week. Not just a single, a seriously catchy one.

I will admit to expecting some sort of typical boy band pop before I listened to the single. Can you blame me though? When I think of Nick Jonas, I think of screaming my head off at numerous concerts, cheesy pop songs, and having JB posters on my wall.

I guess I should change that think to thought because Nick Jonas completely rewrote how I perceive him. He’s an adult. Like a real adult. When did Nick Jonas turn 21? It made me realize something. Nick Jonas is only about a year older than me; I was a fan when we were 13, and he’s somehow made me a fan almost 7 years later. How can that be?

Nick Jonas accomplished something that most transitioning teen pop singers never do. He grew up with his fans, and he allowed his music to grow with him. There was no sudden scandal or overly sexual display that screamed, “LOOK AT ME, I’M NOT A KID ANYMORE.” He just simply let it happen.

His single, “Chains,” was the last thing I expected him to release but I love it. Like, I really want to choreograph to this song, love it. The music video premiered today, and you can officially buy the single on iTunes.

I’m looking forward to hearing more new material from Nick. I have some really high hopes. I’m so glad we got through those awkward teenage years together, bud.


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