Her Campus Prepares High Schoolers For College

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Her Campus—The #1 online college magazine for women–hosted its first ever pre=collegiate conference this past Saturday at Northeastern University. The idea of a conference before college is an awesome idea—and one I would have definitely taken advantage of when I was in high school. Parents who attended the annual Her Conference—the collegiate conference her HerCampus members and nonmembers—inquired about starting a conference for their high school daughters. Under a year later, the ladies of Her Campus delivered. Being apart of the lovely Her Campus Blogger Network allowed me to go the conference and see what it was all about.

The day was split up into three workshops, a keynote speech by The Handle Bar Boston’s owner Jessica Bashelor, and a fashion shop. After some complimentary breakfast from Maia Yogurt, I headed to the first panel. Considering I’m already in college and have developed some of my own tricks, I decided to go with the panel about academics. Just because I’ve already completed two years of college doesn’t mean I’m not looking for more study tips.

The workshop, entitled “Acing Freshman Year:Study Tips to Adjust to College Academics” was quite interesting. There were three current college women and Robin Johnson Warrington, a counselor at Harvard. The panel answered a series of questions ranging from: “Are All-nighters a good idea?” “Should I be taking APs?” and many more. The panel was super informative and featured answers I would have loved to know about when I entered college.

After the academics panel, I headed over to check out the healthy eating presentation by Rachel Paul. She’s a nutritionist and the owner of The College Nutritionist. This is a panel I definitely needed to attend—my idea of healthy eating has been trying to stay away from McDonald’s. Rachel stressed some points that I also believe to be important. She talked about weight management—how being too skinny and being overweight are similar health wise. She also talked about great studying snacks and some healthy alternatives. It was super informative and needed. While I listened I was able to snap on some Pop Chips and Sonic water—which I found out they make a white raspberry and I now refuse to drink anything else.

Immediately after learning about how to eat healthy, I munched on some free Chipotle. The keynote speaker—as I mentioned—was Jessica Bashelor. She grew up in a military family, she switched her major three times, she only got in to her safety school—Northeastern, not a bad safety school if you ask me—and she currently does what she loves. The Handle Bar Indoor Cycling Studio now has two locations—one in South Boston and one located next to Fenway. She told high school students what I wish someone had told me as I was applying to college—everything will work out. As a personal example of how transferring to the right school completely changes your experience, I understood what Jessica was saying. She was inspiring and witty. I was very impressed.

The last panel I attended was about clubs, Greek life, and studying abroad. As a member of any club I can be in, a sorority member, and hoping to study in D.C. next year—I was curious about this panel. They talked about balancing work with school, as well as internships. They informed girls of what I should have known at the beginning of my current semester. It’s okay to say no to things. It’s not high school, you can’t be in every club and that’s okay.

The day concluded with a high school to college transition themed fashion show. HC co-owner Windsor gave the high school girls the lowdown on what was okay to wear in college. As always, Windsor was hilarious and a pleasure to listen to. There was also a raffle where the conference sponsor Intel along with 5 Chipotle, LeSportsac, and Jack Rogers gave away items. Along with the raffle, each guest was given a goodie bag which included burrito cards from Chipotle, the adorable Jane Work notebook pictured above, HC swag, along with many other fun extras.

All and all, the day was a fun time and I learned some super helpful things. I’m very excited to attend Her Conference in July as my chapter’s—Suffolk—newest Campus Correspondent. Thank you to Her Campus for such a wonderful day!

Check out some other photos/tweets from the conference!

photo 1


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