Artist To Watch: Cassio Monroe

There’s nothing better than new music. I’ve been to plenty of shows with random and horrible openers—what can you do. However, there are always those few hidden gems. Thankfully, I found one of those gems.

After writing about The Rosso Sisters, I started to pay attention to Jonas Group artists. How many hidden gems can one place have? Apparently, a pretty decent amount. I saw a tweet about Cassio Monroe opening for The Wanted. Lucky for me, I’ve had tickets to The Wanted since they came out. I decided I wouldn’t listen to this band until I went to the show. I wanted to be surprised and make my judgement off of their live show–anyone can use some auto-tune and sing on a record.

I guess I had some assumptions about Cassio Monroe–like the fact I thought they would be a boy band. I was quite about the fact they were not a boy band. This duo is composed of Tripp Weir and Jeff Garrison and is from Nashville, TN. Tripp happens to be a rapper–as most of you know, so not my cup of tea, but I’m so into it. Jeff sings and plays the guitar–he has a killer high range that I absolutely love.

Their set was a good time. Their song “Dump Me” stuck out most to me–it was quirky and hilarious. Another stand out was their current single, “Under the Lights,” which the duo closed their set with.


After the show, I was making my necessary trip to Tasty Burger when I happened to walk by Garrison talking and taking pictures with fans. I snapped a selfie–because it’s me–and also let him know I’d be blogging about them. It was refreshing how nice and sincere Garrison was.

After giving Cassio Monroe a listen–both live and recorded–I’ve come to the conclusion they will be doing big things. It’s radio-ready music without the cheesy/overdone aspect–it’s what I look for in an artist. I can now consider myself a fan but that’s really no surprise–I’ve always been a sucker for cute boys and guitars.


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