Fictional Characters That You Would Want As Your Real Life Boyfriend

I’ve heard this myth that there are people who actually leave their bedrooms on the weekend and do something other than watch Netflixscary thought. For all you ladies out there who spend more time in a fictional realm rather than your own, I’ve got the perfect thing for you.

While indulging in an all-night TV/movie/book binge have you ever wondered how much fictional male characters actually influence their viewers? Like maybe after watching Supernatural for a week straight you find yourself only seeking guys with fan-fiction green eyes. Face itEvery girl has that one male character that they’d love to use a guideline for their real boyfriend. These men set the bar pretty high for all you “real and not fictional” men out there.

Dean Winchester

How can you resist? He’s THE Dean Winchester. Without all the monster baggageno seriously, like actual monstershe’s the poster boy for a protective boyfriend. The little glimpse of “Domestic Dean” at the beginning of the sixth season of Supernatural was more than enough evidence to prove Dean can be a good partner.  Dean is fiercely loyal to the ones that he loves. He’s also a little bit of sci-fi nerd, so you can totally watch Star Trek together or something. Sounds great, right?

Augustus “Gus” Waters

Gus is probably the sweetest fictional character to ever grace paper. I actually dare you to read The Fault In Our Stars without weeping. Throughout the story he is extremely supportive of Hazel Grace and never gave up on her. Gus is the perfect mix of boyfriend and best friend. He’s the star athlete and the boy next door all rolled into oneit’s almost too good to be true.

Tobias “Four” Eaton

Tobias might be my one of my favorite fictional characters ever. Only two more months until fans everywhere will finally see both Four and Tris come to life when the first installment of the Divergent series hits theaters. Four isn’t the type of boyfriend who sugar coats anything. He’s fearlesswell almost, he only has four fears, hence the nickname. He’ll stick by your side no matter how many reckless decisions you make.

Seeley Booth

I guess you could say I’ve got a thing for protective guys who know how to save the day. Seeley Booth has been one of my favorite television characters for years now. Since season one, he’s been screaming “perfect catch” in about every episodehe’s protective, kind, and fearless. It doesn’t get much better than that. Plus, he’s such a good dad. Nothing like a hot dadam I right?


Now, I know you’re probably wondering why I’m putting a cartoon character but seriously, have you seen Frozen?! Kristoff is dorkiest and most adorable character. He hates pretty much everyonea man after my own heartbut he has the biggest heart also. He may not be the prince of this movie but he’s certainly the hero and the real gentleman.


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