5 Pains of Being a Fangirl

It’s a tough life ladies, but someone has to lead it. Between trying to balance attempting adulthood while simultaneously wanting to lay on the floor and sob to a picture of your favorite band or cast member—it’s a serious struggle being one of us. Whether you love a boy band, pop-punk four piece, or two brothers saving the world from demons(but mostly angels)—the struggles of fangirl-ism(can I copyright that?) are universal. Here are some of the shambles we must all face.


1. Knowing over half of your paychecks will go to your band of choice









Maybe I’m being a bit nostalgic, but I’m seriously missing the days when I could pay $18—that’s including all the ridiculous fees—to see All Time Low play a show. Having All Time Low as my favorite band I’m blessed with the fact the four-some tours at least twice if not three times a year. However, this blessing is a curse for my poor wallet. It’s now $50 a ticket, multiple that by three and there’s 150 dollars that I no longer have—it’s usually more because I’ve convinced myself I should go to more than one date a tour. I cry for my friend’s wallet, who attends at least 5 different dates per tour–bless your heart. I don’t even want to think about the extra money I also spend on merch. I’m going to start sobbing on my keyboard if I keep talking about this.


2. Dealing with other fangirls

There’s nothing that can set-off a fangirl faster than someone with an opposing belief in the same fandom. It could be “Destiel 4 EVA” or “You people are absolutely crazy if these two are your OTP!!” but it’s certainly the best way to start inner-fandom turmoil. On a good day in your fandom of choice, people may not agree with everyone’s theories or beliefs but they silently accept them. I never realized how vicious one fangirl could be to another, not just within a fandom but even more to members of other fandoms. Having a best friend who loves Harry Styles more than she will ever love my friends and me—it’s fine Liz, I’ve accepted it—it’s safe to say the One Direction fangirls can set a perfect example of how not to act to other fans. SOZ ladies; you’re not alone though, as a member of the Supernatural fandom, I can safely assure you we’re no better. It’s time all fangirls start to love one another—WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


3. The word “Hiatus” 

I know this word brings back painful memories that most Fall Out Boy fans, including myself, try not to think about. Said hiatus could be a mid-season break that lasts three months or a three year break that left FOB fans crying themselves to sleep every night of those three years—it doesn’t matter, it’s still painful. Your non-fangirl friends will probably tell you that you’re being crazy, over dramatic, or straight up weird but don’t fret—your fellow fangirls understand your pain. Next time this disgusting word wedges its way into your fandom, grab your tissues and make your way to Tumblr to virtually sob with thousands of others feeling your pain.


4. Seeing a picture/video on any social media site and having it leave you emotionally unstable

It’s not even remotely fair. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve wanted to lay down on the floor of the T and weep because Misha Collins thought it was okay to post a picture on Instagram or Twitter. I’ve watched my friends start to physically cry—in the middle of a restaurant—because they were talking about a picture of Harry Styles. The shambles are so real for all of us. Both Twitter and Instagram have become the best things for fangirls because it gives us an insight into the lives of our favorite people. However, these social media sites are only helping my favorite actors and musicians completely RUIN my emotional stability. So, No Misha Collins, you cannot post a video of you shipping Destiel cheese to Jensen Ackles because it’s guaranteed to make me cry in a public place.


5. Realizing that life is never going to be like it is in fanfics

Sadly, unlike every almost fanfic ever, you’re not going to meet a person and have them declare their love for you two seconds later. That’s just not how things work here in the real world. Most fangirls would probably rather live in the world of fanfic where your OTP never ever breaks up and is ALWAYS canon. Sadly, we live in a realistic world and writers actually have to put a story line into the show, so no fanfic world for now. Don’t get me wrong, It’d be the happiest girl if I was able to meet the guy of my dreams and have him want to marry me within a week. *see “#Destiel fanfic” on tumblr for further research.*






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