It’s Miley’s party and she can say what she wants to

mileyCyrus’ album will be available for download on iTunes on October 8th. Pre-order the album here.

It’s no secret Miley Cyrus is trying her hardest to lose her Disney Channel image—congrats girl, you DEFINITELY did it. With all the attention on her crazy VMA performance and recent strange behavior, it’s easy to forget that Miley Cyrus can in fact sing.

Much to the delight of Miley Cyrus lovers everywhere, the 20-year-old decided to stream her anticipated album “Bangerz” on iTunes on Monday. Hate all you want on her strange behavior but there some quality songs on this CD. If you now want to punch me in the face because I just referred to a Miley Cyrus song as “quality,” simmer down and take a seat—I’m aware it’s not going to win a Grammy, however it’s not as terrible as you’re probably imagining.

The CD opens with “Adore You,” which happens to be one of my favorite songs on the CD. It’s one of those “I’m feeling sappy and emotional” kind of songs. I almost passed out when I saw Britney Spears on a track and had to listen to the song immediately. Sadly, it wasn’t everything I wanted it to be and it’s definitely not the best song on the album.

Some songs worthly of mentioning include the ballads “FU (featuring French Montana)” and “Maybe You’re Right,” along with my two personal favorite songs “#GETITRIGHT” and “Someone Else.” “#GETITRIGHT” is so catchy and fun. “Someone Else” is not-so-secretly about Liam—which is super evident in the lyrics “If you’re looking for love, it don’t live here anymore.”

So the conclusion I’ve come to is: I love Miley Cyrus regardless of her strange on-stage habits. Give this CD a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised.

ALSO, stream the album here. You’re welcome.

Much Love — Nicole Fell (down)


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