You talk like you’re famous, you’re shameless

The sad truth about women in the public eye, is that most of these women are not the best examples. When I say that, I do not mean they are being rebellious or crazy, I mean they are too tamed. More than half of these girls sound like they are being feed what to say word for word. They’re like little trained puppies. This isn’t something that young girls should be seeing.

In my opinion, there needs to be more Jennifer Lawrence’s in this world. She is the perfect example of how a young woman in the spotlight should. She says what she feels, and she doesn’t hold back. She’s not afraid to be her dorky and nerdy self even though she has spun into success. That’s what Hollywood, and girls of the world, need. They need a girl like JLawr, who plays a role like Katniss, a strong and confident girl, and is confident enough in herself to not be afraid of what she thinks.


Also, Congrats to Jen for her Golden Globe! Well deserved, that movie was amazing.


much love — nicolefelldown


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