We all want to be legendary to somebody


Do you ever feel like your dreams are so big that you don’t even know how to tackle them? Well, I certainly feel that way.  The CW premiered their new show, The Carrie Diaries tonight. Carrie Bradshaw has been a character that I’ve absolutely loved since day one. I mean — come on — she writes for Vogue (my dream), buys absolutely beautiful and expensive clothes (my bank account’s nightmare), and marries the sophisticated and powerful man of her dreams (Mr. Big — enough said).

The thing that drew me to Carrie was that no matter life threw at her, her dreams came first. I know I’m young, and generally naive, but I believe that dreams aren’t so far away. I’ve had people question why I indulge in the things I do: clothes, concert tickets and plenty of other things.  I don’t think — actually make it know– that I have to explain myself, but I want to.

People are different, that’s a fact. To me, the feeling of being at a concert or putting together the perfect outfit is the equivalent of you winning your sports game. I like what I like, and that’s just me. I spend so much time engluffed in music and bands I love, because those are the people I want the world to know about. I want someone to one day open a magazine and see the music and fashion that I love. I don’t want to change people’s opinion, I just want them to see mine. I could spend hours talking about how this music and fashion makes me feel, but I think I’ll spare you. If you took the time to read through this rant, I am currently giving the thumbs-up.

Much love — nicolefelldown


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