I couldn’t wait for the summer & the Warped Tour!

gif from http://maomi.tumblr.com

It’s about to begin kiddos! Warped Tour is starting to release it’s line-up for the summer long festival in 2013. I went to my first Warped Tour at 12 or 13-years-old. It’s crazy to think of how long ago that was. I will officially be purchasing my tickets this weekend for the 2013 Boston (Mansfield) show. I will be happily bringing my “Warped Virgin” (as they were called in Fuse’s new show “Warped Roadies,” which premiered tonight) along with me. There is something truly amazing about Warped Tour. There are 15K+ people coming together to share one love of music, it’s inspiring. Go Radio will officially be joining the tour this summer, so here; enjoy some music!


P.S. have decided to try and see if I can apply to be the Monster Energy Vans Warped Tour Pit Reporter.  More news on that subject to come soon!

much love — nicolefelldown


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