Why The West Wing Needs To Come Back


Fans of 90s/early 20s television have been rejoicing—The X-Files and Twin Peaks will returning to air later this year and sometime in 2016, respectively. This news was exciting on both fronts for me. I recently watched Twin Peaks for the first time—I know, where have I been?—and I’m on season two of The X-Files. I’m so excited to see the faith that FOX and Showtime have in the fans and viewers of this show after all these years. Since we’re on the trend of revisiting 90s television, there’s one show that seems to be missing—The West Wing, obviously.

The West Wing, created by Aaron Sorkin, first aired in 1999 and ran for seven seasons. The political drama focused on President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his senior staff. The show received many awards—26 Emmy Awards, casual—and went on to inspire its viewers. West Wing Babies is actually a thing. Sorkin’s idealistic views of the government and Washington influenced young viewers to pursue politics. For me personally, TWW gave me insight into one, if not THE, hardest jobs in Washington—Chief of Staff. Leo McGarry (John Spencer), took everything in stride; I was amazed.

President Bartlet will forever hold a place in my heart. Not only is he from the best state—New Hampshire—but he often talks about going up to Manchester, my hometown, to visit the farm. (Side note that Manchester is a city and not the small town TWW portrays; I’ll let it slide). Bartlet was known for his awe-inspiring speeches, a Sorkin troupe we’ve all come to both love and hate at this point.  There were so many moments when I was watching the show and thinking, “Why isn’t Josiah Bartlet the real president?”

The West Wing needs to come back for a variety of reasons—I could spend all day listing them, but I won’t. Here are just a few:

Santos’ fictional presidential run was eerily similar to current President Obama’s

Bartlet’s successor, Matthew Santos, won the fictional 2006 election with a scary amount of parallels to the real life 2008 election. Both Santos and Obama were young minority Democratic candidates that no one originally saw winning. Eli Attie, a writer and producer for the show, told The Guardian that he used at-the-time State Senator Barack Obama for inspiration. As Obama’s presidency comes to an end, I’d love to see the direction The West Wing took with Santos.

tumblr_nlt1mn76cD1qg4yfgo5_250 tumblr_nlt1mn76cD1qg4yfgo3_250

Seaborn/Lyman 2014 definitely happened

As a West Wing fan, Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) Deputy Chief of Staff to Bartlet and later Chief of Staff to Santos, was my favorite all around character. Josh was how I imagined many of the men working in Washington—Ivy League grads with the biggest egos. For example, “I drink from the keg of glory Donna; bring me the finest bagels and muffins in all the land.” That line in the early days of season one has continued to be the best line in television.

Standing next to Josh was always the lovable California-native, Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe). Seriously, young Rob Lowe—THE BEST. After Sam’s failed campaign to become a California Congressman in the fourth season, Rob Lowe’s character left the show. Sam came back on to be Santos’ Deputy Chief of Staff or “The me to my Leo,” as Josh put it. While we only had the chance to see these two in action as Chief/Deputy for about two episodes, I know they did an amazing job.

Now, for my original point, Sam Seaborn definitely ran for president, and Josh was definitely his VP. Also you know the former Director of Communications Toby Zeigler (Richard Schiff) joined on as Chief of Staff. Many may argue it was probably the other way around, but I’m having a distinct flashback to Bartlet playing chess with Sam saying something like, “You’ll have this job one day.” I just want to see Sam in the Oval with Josh and Toby reminiscing about the Bartlet days.

tumblr_nls9ljIk5P1rt8bk2o1_400 tumblr_nls9ljIk5P1rt8bk2o2_400

I deserve the opportunity to Donna/Josh children, and Charlie all grown up

It’s me, so naturally I spent the series shipping at least one pair. Donna Moss (Janel Moloney) and Josh Lyman were perfect for one another. Much like every other show I watch, I had to wait seven seasons to see them get together—and then the show ended for good. I’d like to think they got married and had adorable children. Toby had twins midway through the show’s run. I need to see these children as teens, wreaking havoc in The White House.

Charlie Young (Dule Hill) acted as the personal aide to President Bartlet. Charlie was always a favorite of mine. He was never afraid to tell Bartlet he was wrong and also had the toughest job in the west wing—waking up the president. Dule went on to star in another one of my all-time favorite shows, Psych, so I think I’m a little biased.

tumblr_ngylo3P0Qa1tiqwkoo9_r1_250 tumblr_nj64p3mVj71qgfbxlo2_r4_250 tumblr_nj64p3mVj71qgfbxlo6_r1_250

CJ Cregg is perfect for 2015 TV

A few weeks back, I met a woman who currently works as a press secretary for large government organization. She explained to the group of us at the panel that she was journalism major in college then watched The West Wing and then she wanted to become CJ Cregg—I’ve never related more. CJ Cregg was a woman working in a boys club. She was the only woman in the senior staff and she didn’t take shit from anyone. Josh once tried to use her feminist views as an insult against her and left him terrified—she’s my actual hero. Luckily, TV today features more women in power than ever before and CJ would fit right in.

The cast is still obsessed with each other

A few months ago Josh Malina, who played Will Bailey aka Sam Seaborn’s replacement, tweeted pictures of the cast doing a reunion photoshoot. Last year, The White House—yeah, the real life one—announced they were doing the “big block of cheese day” that The West Wing made popular again. How did they announced this news? With the characters of TWW. The point? The cast probably wants a revival more than I do.

There’s more I could think of but I don’t think anyone would read more. So NBC, the ball’s in your court.


Nicole Watches TV: The X-Files “Trust No One”


“Mulder…” always followed by a side or an eye roll—Dana Scully you are the woman. Seriously though, Scully giving Mulder the “are you serious right now” tone/look makes up 43% of the show, and I love it.

When I last checked in with all of you, I was on the 7th episode of the first season. I just finished the season one finale. This is very slow watch for me—I spent Saturday watching Kimmy Schmidt (AGAIN) in its entirety because my roommate hadn’t seen it—so I guess I have a reason.

The second half of season one seemed to go by in a blur.  Eugene Tooms, apparently the original yellow-eyed bad guy—I’m side-eyeing you Supernatural—creeps me out to no end. I’m sorry Tooms, I was more than happy to watch him crashed by a moving escalator, but it is definitely worth mentioning. The episode “Roland” not only took the twin teleplay thing to a whole new level but also made me quite sad.

The season one finale actually had me saying, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Where do I even begin? Deep Throat was the bane of my existence. I do however see the irony in his last words to Scully being “Trust no one,” something I assume the show will use for seasons to come. The plot line for the episode was exactly what I needed to keep my love for this show alive.

While the show makes it clear early on that The X-Files won’t always be about the search for the extraterrestrial; “Squeeze,” the episode where Tooms first appeared, introduced the “Monster-of-Week” style it would take on. The presence of alien activity, and Scully and Mulder finally getting some proof, was the ideal way to end the season.


Things to note from the end of season one:

  • David Duchovny’s t-shirts tucked into his 90s light washed jeans are arguably one of the best things about this show
  • Scully’s character has already evolved so much since the pilot episode—ex: Apologizing to Mulder about not believing him before in the season finale
  • Mulder has become very dependent on both Scully and Deep Throat
  • The little alien Scully used to trade for getting Mulder back was actually sort of cute
  • Mulder will risk anything to “find the truth” except putting Scully in danger—he never wants to risk that
  • I’m really pissed the FBI shut down the X-Files because Scully and Mulder are the ideal team
  • We all know they’re still going to search for the truth with or without the X-Files

Instagram Looks Of The Week: It’s Back!

2015-03-27 20.17.40

Katie Cassidy

Follow: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Katie Cassidy has grown on me so much in the last year. The Arrow actress has completely transformed the character of Laurel and owned her role as The Black Canary. Her site, Tomboy KC, is absolutely amazing. While acting is main career, she’s really found herself as a style icon.

2015-03-27 20.19.06Celeste Malone

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How adorable does my friend Celeste look in front of the Capitol? I’m loving the pink shirt with a neutral cardigan. DC is one of the most photogenic places–seriously, we all post pictures almost everyday. Spring has officially sprung here in DC, and everyone is dressing accordingly. Stay tuned for more DC pics from both Celeste and me.

2015-03-27 20.28.23Emma O’Connor

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My pseudo-little Emma looks amazing. That ponytail is fierce as hell—please teach me your ways! I’m having some serious FOMO about being away from Boston after seeing this picture. Seriously, Beacon Hill is amazing in the spring/summer. Emma’s Instagram is always full of fabulous pictures–give her a follow.

2015-03-27 20.19.43Jannelle Matos

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Fellow blogger Jannelle is also a part-time makeup artist, which only makes her Instagram feed more amazing. She recently posted a variety of spring makeup looks. Jannelle’s Instagram feed is my absolute favorite, not to mention her amazing blog. This one happened to be my favorite but you have to check them out for yourself.

2015-03-27 20.20.53Lyndsay Bianco

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My friend Lyndsay is living the life abroad. I’m obsessed with printed pants and she’s pulling them off like I never will. Lyndsay is currently studying abroad in Madrid for the semester, so you need to check out her Instagram feed to see all of her unbelievable adventures. I’ve been living vicariously through her tweets and pictures.

2015-03-27 20.28.08Bri Mattia

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My fellow West Wing-er Bri is looking like a real young professional. I love the pastels with spring (almost) on its way in Boston. The neon green/yellow skirt is amazing. The second look is another example of great printed pants. Follow Bri for some great pictures/inspiration. (Such a professional look that CJ Cregg would be so proud).

2015-03-27 20.22.22Kristyn Royster

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I’m absolutely obsessed with this outfit from Primp & Proper blogger Kristyn. This look is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary–not to mention how obsessed I am with those shoes. Kristyn’s blog is a must read for all you fashionistas and fellow DCers out there. She also has one of my favorite Instagram feeds–check her out.

Don’t forget to check back next week for more Instagram looks!

Nicole Watches TV: The X-Files


In a world before Tumblr—what a scary thought—fandoms still found their way onto the internet. As a fan of popular culture in 2015, it’s hard to ignore the term “shipping.” In case you’ve been living under a rock, the act of shipping means you believe that two fictional characters are dating or should be dating. Modern day examples include Oliver and Felicity (Arrow), Castiel and Dean (Supernatural), Colton Haynes and Me (Life). Sadly, I wasn’t old enough to experience the early stages of internet fandom, but I can appreciate it none the less.

In 1993, The X-Files premiered on FOX.  As most of you are well aware, the show became hit and brought legions of fans along for the ride; not to mention it’s often cited for the creation of shipping. Yes, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were the original OTP. (At least in the internet age, people have been shipping Kirk and Spock, minus the name, for decades).

I’ve been hopped up on comedy lately—ILY Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt—so I figured it was best to try something new. I just watched Twin Peaks, so TXF seemed like a good follow-up. Both shows include music that will forever haunt my nightmares. Not to mention, both Twin Peaks and The X-Files will be returning to television in 2016.

At this point, I’m 5 episodes in and I’ve made some keen observations that deserve some further exploration.

Dana Scully is the original Temperance Breenan

I felt the gears in my head shifting into to place when I realized that both The X-Files and Bones were aired on the same network. The scientist who will only believe in the facts, working with a man who goes with his gut—both not afraid to wear a great pantsuit. Brennan has always been a favorite of mine—so Scully has just shot to the top of my list. She’s a woman after my own heart; she cares about her job and is not afraid to tell someone when they’re wrong. It bears mentioning that this show came out in 1993, and it’s pretty amazing that she was such a strong character.

Mulder is a babe—and possibly one of my favorite male leads

Fox Mulder has everything I love about male characters in TV now-a-days; I now realize it’s because he was most likely an influence to the writers of shows I like. The 90s were a beautiful time for men’s hair and men with glasses—except mullets, never mullets. His physical characteristics were clearly A+, but thus far I’m so intrigued by his backstory and devotion to his work. As Scully so gracefully put it, “he’s too obsessed with his job.” I’d argue that’s what makes him such an intriguing character.

Despite its early 90s run, the supernatural aspects aren’t COMPLETELY ridiculous

I think the reason the show has been so attractive to me is despite its 90s era quality, the special effects/extraterrestrial nature, I don’t find myself saying, “Are you serious?” There TV shows that are currently on-air where I question them more; I’m look at you Supernatural—sorry.  Needless to say, I love the extra layer of this show.

I’ll continue to watch season 1 and see where it goes. Stay tuned for my updates on my journey through this wonderful example of television.

*Editor’s note: I finished two episodes while writing this so I guess I’m on episode 7 now.

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Business Professional

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How They Got There: “The Insider’s” Keltie Knight


Do you ever meet someone with the job you dream about having? Well, one day I stumbled upon Keltie Knight’s web-series “fangirl.” I realized something immediately–I had to start following Knight on social media, and I had to find a way to get that job.

After growing up in Alberta, Canada, Knight moved to New York City to pursue a career in professional dancing. Knight was a Radio City Rockette for six seasons, as well as dancing for the Knicks and the Nets. She’s danced with Beyonce and Taylor Swift—just to name a few—and made a name for herself in the dance world.

Knight’s blog, aprettyheart.com, and web-series “fangirl” garnered the attention she needed. In 2012, Knight became a correspondent and host for CBS’ The Insider. Knight covers red carpets and serves as a weekend host for the show.

After year of experience in both entertainment journalism and dancing—Keltie is sharing how she got there. I had the opportunity to chat with Keltie and get the lowdown on what it takes to be an entertainment host.

Growing up, what did you want to do?

Keltie: Be a ballerina, get out of my town and be a star.

You began your career as a professional dancer; what was the highlight of your experience in the dance world?

Keltie: I think dancing on the MTV VMAs with Taylor Swift because growing up I always watched the VMAs and it seemed like the BEST dancers danced on that stage.

What made you decide to transition your career?

Keltie: Honestly, I just got old. My body started to hurt from 20+ years dancing, and I wasn’t enjoying it the same way.

You were one of the first to really gain traction and national attention through your blog and, later web-series—what advice can you give to people trying to do that right now?

Keltie: I was really just lucky, as someone who started early…it’s really hard to break through now on YouTube or online because there is so much content. I do believe that being yourself and totally authentic can help!

As a correspondent for The Insider, you’re always on the red carpet—how do you prepare for interviewing so many people in such a short time?

Keltie: I study…a lot. Just last week I was at the Grammy’s and it took me the entire flight from NYC to LAX (over 6 hours) to prepare. I Google the stars I know will be there, then I check out their Twitter and Instagram feeds, then I’ll follow their fan sites to see what the fans want to know…I have little note cards for every single star and I study them right up until I walk on the carpet.


Who has been your favorite celebrity to interview?

Keltie: Obviously, some people I’m just a major fan of…Ed Sheeran, Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani…but I would say that Hugh Jackman is the kindest human around and I always love talking to Ariana Grande because she’s actually hilarious and so real.

How do you feel about internships in the field of entertainment journalism? Should students be doing more?

Keltie: YES! Honestly, where I work we find many of our next employees through them being killer interns. The people who stay late, do more than they should, work extra hard and stand out actually do get hired! I’ve seen many interns be kind of lazy, only do things when they were asked, hang on their phones and no show their smarts- and I always think—WHAT A WASTE.

Lastly, what is the biggest piece of advice you can give to someone who would like to follow your career path?

Keltie: Work on your craft first, a good outfit and nice hair do not make you a expert on camera person, learn your strengths, and work through your weaknesses. I also think start small, I learned so much hosting my digital show that helped me when I was auditioning for TV later, and find people you admire and copy what they do… I look up to other tv stars and practice talking like them, see what they do that makes me laugh…I know I shouldn’t admit that!!!

You can check me out @keltieknight on twitter and instagram! xx

What do you want to learn more about? (Internships/Career)

Hey everyone,

Let me help you. With this new section of my blog, I’d like to know where the readers’ interests are.

Thanks in advance!

4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Summer Internship

Despite the spring semester just starting a few weeks ago, the time to search for summer internships is happening right now. Most companies begin looking for summer interns at the beginning of the New Year.

Companies typically offer full-time or paid internships during the summer because students aren’t in school. Whether you’re ready to pack it up and move across the country, or you’re looking for an internship with a local company—you should try these resources.

Try an internship matching website

Internships.com is my go-to internship tool. There are so many awesome options on it. Upload your resume on the site, and you can apply to many internships directly. There are options to sort through paid and unpaid internships, as well as the option to look for virtual internships.

Another great website is Intern Match. It’s pretty similar to Internships.com, there are just some bigger name listings on Intern Match. It also allows you choice listings for both paid and unpaid.

Intern Queen is another great resource. I had the opportunity to work with the Campus Programs Director, Shayna, and the CEO, Lauren, on a campaign I did last semester. The team at Intern Queen is so helpful. Unlike the other two sites, they also feature campus rep positions. These rep positions often allow students to work with well-known and popular brands—an alternative to the typical internship.

Visit your school’s career center

My work-study job last year was actually in the career center. Unfortunately I was way too swamped to go back last semester, but I recommend a visit for all you Suffolk students. For everyone else, visit your school’s website or student center to get in contact with your school’s career center. Many schools have internship advisers whose job is to make sure you find the perfect internship. It’s a free service, and the advisers probably have a network of people they can connect you to.

Be open to the idea of a virtual internship

Last summer I had a “digital” internship, meaning my supervisor would give me work throughout the week and I would complete it online. These internships are definitely geared towards the career paths where computer technology is heavy but if that’s up your alley give these a try. Doing a virtual internship allows you to work any time and with companies around the country. If you’re focused and good with time management, a virtual internship is great if you already have a job for the summer. Internships.com has a large amount of virtual internships listed.

Go to a networking event

Since I’ve moved to DC, I’ve been told roughly 50,000 times that networking is the most important thing I can do in college. If you find yourself with free time, look up professional groups on LinkedIn or in Google. Chances are, there’s a society or professional group for exactly what you’re interested in. These events allow you to meet people working the job you want. Chances are that company needs an intern. Knowing someone makes getting an internship with a company a million times easier.

Make sure to start applying ASAP. Wishing you all the best of luck with the application process. Stay tuned for some more internship tips coming your way weekly!

Hit or Miss: Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Edition

To be honest, I wasn’t going to blog about the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. It has nothing to do with the award show itself; it’s not the most popular. However, the minute I saw a picture of Jennifer Aniston, I promptly opened up a WordPress window and started typing.

The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards isn’t the most star-studded event. Not to mention, this year’s ceremony is—was depending on what time you’re reading this—PAINFULLY awkward. Anyway—back to the fashion.



Hit or Miss: Golden Globes Edition

You know how people talk about the day after Christmas? It’s a sad day because you know there’s a full year until Christmas again. Well, that’s how I feel about the day after the Golden Globes. This year’s Golden Globes red carpet was filled with ivory and pink dresses and beautiful stars.

I loved these outfits more than the ones they wore on the red carpet. Here’s my first thought: “TINA FEY, HOT DAMN.” My next thought: “That’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen, Amy.” These two deserved their own category. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey once again proved that they are the ideal award show hosts; Rob Lowe said it best.

I was pleasantly surprised that this year’s awards produced more hits than misses. It was difficult to find outfits that I truly hated.